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Thanks everyone who has followed, Favorited and commented on my page, it means so much:) 
What the heck?! I got 152 page views yesterday and 4 new followers (thank you so much and welcome!!) most productive deviantart day ever.....well still at uni, but I would love requests:) still quite big on yogscast fan art just need ideas:) any request welcome:)
Before December I hadn't uploaded anything in a year and a half!! I know, what the hell? I love this site. But now I am back in full swing and I have been working on my art while being on uni break (since I dont study any art at uni). I would love to show you guys what else I have been up too.

First of all I have been doing some speed drawings, make tuts (and some game let's plays here)…

Also while study film at Uni I had the chance to be an Art Director for two different short films with other students. Very different from for my normal styles and forms of art and I suggest anyone who wants to try something different, look into Art Direction its alot of fun.

Behind Closed Doors:…

Also I have a tumlr now! If anyone else has one I would love to follow, as I am still pretty new to tumblr.

So self-promoting over, I just feel I had missed so much while I was away! I will never take a big break like that again!!
Long time no writy.....Anyway finally have overcome creative block...The a certain new obession to thank for that...It goes by the name of Mystery Science Theatre 3000....My it my quest to get though all 10 series and since each ep goes for an hour and a half I need to do something. Thanks to this I have knocked for 4 pieces in a week each only taking a couple of hours.

So for the struggling artist out there, I recommend MST3K.
Heyyyy......nope.....Ive got nothing, man I suck at journal writing
Its nasty, probs one of my biggest natural enemies. I have had it for two months and it is so annoying. I just want to punch a imaginary but i cant even think of one! finally i have been able to do one piece (that will be up shorty) I would love tips on how to over come the biggest problem known to artists. Thank you
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Back! havnt been here in ages...finally put a piece up and everything is quiet.
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Hi :)
This is my second week of deviant art and things are a bit weird, many questions with no solutions, like how often do I update my journal? how do I find other friends on deviantart? etc. This is proably because I suck at social networking sites and it takes me three times as long to figure it out, it took me two weeks to find out how the tag pictures on facebook (I know sad) so anyone browse through this I would love the help and company.
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